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Video API Privacy Architecture

The Vonage Video API puts you in control with always-on encryption and GDPR compliance. These and other advanced features meet the needs of privacy-sensitive customers in finance, healthcare, education, and other industries.

Global Cloud Video Security

Protecting User Information

From designing products to building advanced features—we ensure that the security built into our mature platform always protects user information.

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We minimize logging of sensitive information through data sanitization and retention limits


  • All user authorization and user details are managed by your application

  • All video streams are protected in transit and at rest with a standard AES-128 and an optional AES-256 encryption

  • All end user IP addresses are removed from our logs in seven days or less

  • All recordings are transferred to customer storage as soon as possible and then deleted from our system

Standard security features


Industry standard WebRTC

We leverage WebRTC, the most robust and widely used real-time video protocol. WebRTC is backed by global open standards organizations for industry consensus and a developer community that responds rapidly to security challenges.
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Always-on AES-128 encryption

All voice, video, and signaling traffic flowing through the Vonage Video API platform is encrypted in transit and at rest. AES-256 encryption is also available.
Mobile, desktop and tablet devices

Client SDKs

Our client SDK experts in iOS, Android, JavaScript, and Linux keep up with browser and platform updates and track down security loopholes (so you don't have to).
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User IP address deletion

All IPs are guaranteed to be deleted from the Vonage platform within seven days.
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Account dashboard and insights

Authenticated users can monitor your Video API account and project metrics to help ensure the integrity of your applications.

Built on AWS

We leverage AWS end-to-end capabilities to maintain the highest level of infrastructure security.

Advanced security features

(Enabled as needed for your application)


Regional media isolation

We maintain compliance by restricting media traffic to regional media zones for the U.S., EU, Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan. EXPLORE REGIONAL MEDIA ZONES
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Additional recording encryption

All video recordings can be protected with AES-256 encryption in transit and at rest to maintain deeper security. Explore encryption
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Session analytics

Conveniently access Advanced Insights analytics to discover and diagnose security exposure. Explore Advanced Insights
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EU proxy

As part of the EU and Germany RMZ, all end user IP addresses can be masked to meet strict privacy requirements. Explore EU Proxy
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Advanced firewall control

Enterprises can configure firewalls with “allowed IP” ranges or deploy their own servers for proxying through firewalls. EXPLORE ALLOWED IP
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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

For additional security of your application, you can deploy our Verify API and 2FA solution for your customers. Explore 2FA
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Vonage experts are ready to help

The global Enterprise Services team provides privacy and security expertise from the project start to help guide success.

Connect with our privacy experts

Achieving Industry Compliance

HIPAA compliance

Our products enable healthcare organizations to build HIPAA compliant applications. This includes the availability of our BAA. Learn more

GDPR compliance

We are GDPR compliant and help your business ensure the highest standard of customer privacy and security. Explore GDPR

Vonage privacy policy

Your user privacy is important. And we take active steps to protect that privacy. Learn more

Vonage data security policy

Our Data Security and Protection Policy is designed to protect customer, partner, and Vonage data in all situations. Learn more
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