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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Vonage APIs (formerly Nexmo) can help your business stay GDPR compliant and also achieve the highest standard of customer privacy and security.

GDPR readiness with Vonage APIs

Auto Redaction

Auto Data Redaction

Enterprises can elect to have personal data redacted automatically. This enables enterprises to manage their data privacy needs more simply without any additional software development. Contact sales to learn more about our Enterprise Plan.
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Audit API

The Audit API enables your organisation to build SIEM alerts and access real-time information on user activities and events within your accounts.
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Access control

Make sure to review your user restriction settings within our Developer Portal.
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Reports API puts you in control of customer communications data

Flexible reporting for all communications APIs traffic in one powerful API.

  • Intervene in failures to guarantee service

  • Test and measure campaigns

  • Uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Take action in fraud and overage situations

  • Enhance end-user experience with advanced reporting

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Review our DPA

Our data processing addendum has been incorporated automatically into your terms of service, including provisions reflecting the European Court of Justice's Schrems II decision Available here

Review our Privacy Policy

We’ve revised our Privacy Policy to make it easier to understand by using clear, plain language and examples that illustrate our activities. Learn more


We use trusted sub-processors to assist in providing Vonage API services. Learn more
GDPR: What it means for customer communication
Find out what GDPR is and what it means when communicating with customers.
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