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Bring people together globally with Vonage Video API

Integrate live interactive video directly into your web, mobile and desktop applications with the Vonage global video platform. Create rich built-for-purpose experiences, or quickly add video to your app with a low-code/no-code offering.

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Explore all the Video API use cases

One of the most mature and versatile programmable video solutions to enhance video engagement.

Explore all the Video API use cases

One of the most mature and versatile programmable video solutions to enhance video engagement.

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Harness the full power of Vonage Video API, now with low-code and no-code options

Video API

Take advantage of the ultimate flexibility and control over your real-time video experiences. Leverage the widest range of video use cases and experiences. Explore Video API Features

Video Express

Speed up development with Video API with automated stream management, layout and bandwidth presets. Enable meetings and multi-participant collaboration. Explore Video Express

Interactive Broadcast

Large scale real-time video engagement with up to 15,000 participants, plus HLS, LL-HLS, and RTMP streaming. Explore Interactive Broadcast



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AI-Powered Features

Propel the video customer experience with new AI tools

Add AI-powered capabilities for more engaging real-time connections:

  • Audio Connector extracts audio streams from live video calls to take advantage of the power of machine learning (ML) natural language processing engines to caption, translate or transcribe raw audio.

  • Media Processor leverages ML transformers to achieve video and audio effects in live video streams: Blur or spotlight, and employ surround sound or echo cancellation.

Large-Scale Video Engagement

Engage with thousands, stream to millions

Offer large-scale video engagement directly in your branded websites and applications with Vonage Interactive Broadcast:

  • Higher capacity real-time video sessions, up to 16,000 real-time video participants

  • Broadcast in WebRTC, HLS/LL-HLS, and RTMP for social media platforms

  • Leverage advanced composition for streaming and recording

  • Up to 1080p FHD resolution

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Advanced Video Session Composition

Leverage advanced video composition for immersive applications

Traditional video composers can only compose video and audio streams. With Vonage Experience Composer, you can capture the ENTIRE experience of your purpose-built application.

  • Record the entire experience for valuable on-demand assets.

  • Broadcast live events as they happen.

  • Stream custom experiences into live sessions unlocking unlimited scale and advanced session architecture.

Data Management and User Insights

Understand the end user experience

Transform engagement, streamline operations and maximise ROI with usage and QoS data: 

  • Learn vital information about users’ habits and preferences.

  • Identify trends and gain rich behavioural data to inform your decisions.

  • Integrate into systems that already support your business.

Telehealth session using Vonage Video API
Compliance and Data Protection

Protect users’ information

From designing products to building features, Vonage ensures that the security built into our solution protects customers’ and users’ information.

  • Align with WebRTC standard video protocols out of the box.

  • Build video solutions without retaining sensitive customer data.

  • Add on advanced or end-to-end encryption and firewall controls.

  • Maintain industry compliance in healthcare, finance and other privacy-minded industries.

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