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Comtech Systems & Vonage: Real-time Customer Communications for Collect!

Who we are

Collect! enables you to collect your accounts how you want to. With options ranging from Lite to Enterprise, Collect!’s scalable, flexible, customisable and modular functions allow you to set up your workflow the way you want. Collect! offers cloud and premise versions, web access, a dashboard, sophisticated workflow automations, integrated dialling, texting and payment processor options, data import and export, credit bureau reporting, robust documentation and much more.

How we work with Vonage

Collect! and Vonage are integrated. Collect! has built a number of integrations to save users time by texting, payment processing, dialling, skip-tracing and more, directly from the Collect! application. The Collect!-Vonage integration allows users to send texts in batches or individually directly from Collect! quickly and efficiently, with resulting data returned to Collect! Texts are cheaper, more immediate and have a higher response rate than other forms of communication, especially with younger account holders. Adding texting offers first- and third-party collectors considerable workflow improvements.

Use Cases

The two most common use cases include batch text and individual processing.

  • Use Case #1: Batch Text. Many individuals have agreed to a regular monthly payment for amounts owing. Two days before the payment date the agency texts a reminder to the debtors. The agency includes phone or chat option if the debtor wants to contact them.
  • Use Case #2: Individual Text. During a phone call, a debtor agrees to a regular monthly payment. The operator sends a text with a link to a payment processor where the debtor enters their account number and sets up a regular payment schedule. Later Use Case #1 comes into effect when the debtor receives reminders just before the payment is extracted.

  • Financial Services/Insurance
Areas of Focus
  • Call Centre

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