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AI Studio Plans and Pricing

Learn more about our plans and pricing for Vonage AI Studio below. Contact us to learn more.

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*Terms Defined Below

Standard Plan

Explore AI Studio capabilities and self-deploy low traffic conversational AI agents


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Advanced Plan

Deploy conversational AI agents at a large scale with options for professional services


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10 Agents

100 Agents


 10K sessions/month

300K sessions/month

Professional Services*

    Accelerate pack (Faster deployment & training        support)

    Service Pack (For increasing efficiency of                  virtual agents)

    Fully managed (Vonage will design, develop &          maintain the entire solution)


    WhatsApp, Voice, SMS, Web chat (HTTP)(Usage rates apply)**

AI Capabilities

    NLU*, ASR, Premium TTS*



  1K emails/month

  30K emails/month

    Webhooks**, Events**, Custom Code

Other Features

    Templates, GUI Builder, Insights, Import/Export     Flows


    GDPR, Retention (30 days)


  • Agents - A flow including sub-flows serving a business logic created on any single channel (HTTP, SMS, Voice, Social Messaging apps) using the AI Studio platform. Even if the same business logic is replicated across multiple channels, a workflow in one channel is considered as one agent.

  • Sessions - An interaction between an end-user and an AI Studio agent on any channel in inbound or outbound, or both directions.

  • Professional Services - Available at additional cost.

  • NLU - Charged @ $0.007/text request. An NLU request is classified as an intent, or extracting an entity or entities from a given sentence is considered a text request.

  • Premium TTS - Charges are different for Hebrew.

  • API Charges - Regular API charges apply for all Vonage APIs (WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, ASR, Premium TTS).


    **The usage of Web chat (HTTP), Webhooks and Events is subject to fair usage, which is considered as an average of 50 API call requests/responses per session.

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