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AI Virtual Assistant

AI Virtual Assistant uses conversational AI for voice-enabled customer self-service, adds intelligence to any conversation, and makes CX your competitive advantage.

  • Make sure high volumes of inbound calls are addressed during peak business hours or busy seasonal periods

  • Eliminate long hold times for a live person when customers need quick answers or actions in real time  

  • Improve customer engagement by capturing insights that result from the verbal cues initiated by AI Virtual Assistant itself 

  • Use the highly intuitive AI Design Studio app for set-up and management

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Free employees to focus on their core competencies

Use a voice-driven self-service model to answer every customer immediately, facilitate conversations, and execute appropriate actions without involving a live person
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Analyse customer sentiment and customer feedback at scale

Optimise CX by using AI to find meaning in words, speech, and context, and respond more efficiently
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Elevate digital marketing strategies

Learn what individuals react to and use machine-learning models that—during high call volumes—adapt by using higher-performing messages
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Support teams with the power of AI

AI Virtual Assistant provides a unique opportunity to create a new digital workforce that augments the human workforce.

  • Improve CX by reducing average hold times 24/365 with always-available AI virtual assistants
  • Allow customers to get fast, personalised answers to simple inquiries

  • Increase sales opportunities by using self-serving interactions to engage every caller in natural language

  • Make it easy to deploy new scripts and make changes in real time

  • Reduce emails and calls, and enable employees to keep working without disruption

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The 21st-century customer is ready

Today's customers are comfortable using virtual assistants to learn more about products and services.
  • Harness AI technology to implement virtual assistants to capture sales opportunities

  • Generate highly personalised messages—during active campaigns—at a scale that can’t be achieved by humans alone

  • Use AI to sift through leads and prospects, and pinpoint and prioritise likely-to-close opportunities

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Achieve unprecedented levels of service

AI Virtual Assistant quickly addresses every customer, and facilitates the understanding of their needs and the execution of appropriate actions.

  • Help sift through customer interactions, and transcribe and analyse conversations in real time

  • Save sales reps time by summarising interactions, analysing discussions, and offering recommendations throughout the customer journey

  • Use machine learning, natural-language understanding (NLU), and natural-language processing (NLP) to precisely and quickly analyse customer sentiment and customer feedback at scale

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Designing AI-driven Contact Centres in the new era of remote working
AI technologies are helping contact centres keep up with rapidly evolving customer behaviours and sky-high expectations.
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