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Fluke Connect Keeps Teams in Sync with Live Video

With real-time communications from the Vonage Video API platform, the Fluke Connect app makes it easier for teams to work together and support customers from anywhere.

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Vonage Solutions and Features

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Fluke needed an efficient way to enable collaboration between their customers and technicians from any location.


Vonage Video API


With Vonage Video API, Fluke was no longer hindered by test tool results that were limited to one device. They could diagnose and solve customer problems on site with confidence.

Fluke’s wide range of commercial testing equipment—including digital multimeters, thermal imagers, portable oscilloscopes, and air-quality meters—is the go-to choice for technicians in industry and education alike.

A Need for Real-Time Video

Because test tool results were previously limited to one device, Fluke faced a challenge in allowing their customers to collaborate and share knowledge while on the job. Fluke wanted to make it easier for teams and employees to work together, wherever they were.

That’s why they built the Fluke Connect system which enables users to transmit measurements directly from the tool they are using to a smart phone, sharing data instantly and securely with their entire team within the context of their normal workflow.

Why Vonage Video API?

In order to make it even easier to collaborate, Fluke wanted to add real-time video into this offering but it was important for them to be able to embed it directly into the workflows that their technicians were used to. They used the Vonage Video API for Android and iOS SDKs to add a “ShareLive” video call feature into their familiar interface, keeping teams connected both in the office and out in the field.

With Share Live, a technician can start a video call from the field, show a colleague in the office the issue they’re having, and consult with them in real time, all without leaving the work site. Users can also manipulate the screen to draw attention to a particular aspect.

Improved Workflow and Communication

By enabling real-time remote collaboration, Fluke has helped these teams to more confidently diagnose and solve problems on site, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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