Speech Analytics: Turn Call Center Context into Cash

Speech analytics technology is emerging as a powerful tool for enhancing inbound call center software and the customer experience.

We know from our previous research, that 58 percent of customers say calling is still their preferred method of communication with businesses, and 70 percent say that speaking to someone is the fastest way to solve an issue. So the potential to yield valuable insights from voice-related customer interactions is clear, and experts forecast that the speech analytics market will reach $1.6 billion by 2020. But as speech analytics technology continues to evolve the and the data starts pouring in, inbound call center managers should start thinking about how they can use this new information about their customers to create actionable strategies that will boost top-line growth.

Context is king

With speech analytics, call centers mangers can get a clearer and more complete picture about what is happening during customer conversations. They will be able to analyze more details about the context of these interactions – including the dialogue and tone of discussions about products and services. Supervisors will be able to search through call recordings for specific keywords and phrases that can provide a window into customer attitudes, or whether or not specific keywords and phrases are being used by the agents.

Decoding the data

Speech analytics can also be used to illuminate common customer questions, allowing call centers to more easily automate some of the service they provide customers through a richer IVR or chatbot experience. It will also offer insight into the words and phrases that are most effective for solving customer problems or promoting a new product, which can help call center managers coach agents and reward high performers. And because the content of calls can be easily compared to messages provided over the web, social media, or other text-based interactions, customer service teams can ensure a consistent brand experience across all channels, and a stronger omnichannel strategy.

Strengthen CTI solutions

To capitalize on the true power of speech analytics, inbound call centers should optimize how their data is captured and stored. Implementing CTI solutions that offer strong integration with a CRM system like Salesforce can help enhance the power of speech analytics data. Having your customer data all in one place makes it cleaner and less expensive to analyze.

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Written by Vonage Staff

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