Foundation BizAcademy Comes to NewVoiceMedia

Every year the Foundation runs BizAcademy events around the world where young people looking to enter the job market are given an intensive course in business and technical life. A 5 week Salesforce Administrator course is followed by a week of mentoring and business coaching in the run up to the final Dragon’s Den day this Friday.

The team!

Today we’ve been excited to host this year’s cohort at NewVoiceMedia’s head office in Basingstoke. Arranged by Tom Furr, our head of Corporate Giving the students were taken through an introduction to contact centres, advice on preparing for interviews, and even a beginner’s guide to Agile development using spaghetti and marshmallows!

At the end of the day we discussed social media with an introduction to blogging. We’ve asked the attendees to pull together a blog post on their experiences so far. Everything after thissentencewas written by the students.

What we have learned so far

“One of the main things I have taken from this experience is the key to change. We met an inspirational man called Seun Oshinaike who told us ‘the key to change is to let go of your fear.’ I took from this that I need to see everything as a challenge not a fight, and realise it is a good thing to push myself from my comfort zone.” Hannah

“Society may predict, but only I will determine my destiny.” This showed me that no matter how the society works, the longer you fight, enjoy and work hard for what you love, that will be your destiny.” Brooke

“That is it important to talk, to ask, and to build a network.” Abid

“Planning for the future – there are no instant diets.”This is obvious but having a session on this reinforced that in life we all have to wait for great things. Instead of having short term plans we have to think long term and see the bigger picture.” Hind

“I have really enjoyed gaining new skills and learning something completely new to me. It has allowed me to develop my ICT passion, being an amazing opportunity.” Hannah

“I have learned that without struggle there is no success, meaning that success isn’t easy to come across, you have to work (which you may struggle with) for what you want to become successful.” Jamel

Adam and Abid with the winning Agile tower!

“My understanding of cloud computing is that it is a very good opportunity for companies to make their business expand because you do not need a tech squad. It automatically updates through the year and you don’t need a room for servers. All you need is an internet connection.” James

“I really liked what Tom and Charlie advised our learners on being future focused and how important it is to set short, medium and long term goals.” Latoya (Recruitment Officer at Skills for Growth Landmark Training)

“Carpe Diem is the name of the game. If there is one thing I learned it is the value of the opportunities we receive.” Adam

“I have learned there are no instant diets when it comes to business or business skills. It requires diligence, patience, discipline and focus to get to that certain height that you’ve always desired. If you want to exceed your expectations in business or personal life remember there are no instant diets!” Ayo

“During my 5 week Salesforce Admin course I have learned how to conduct myself in interviews and how to present to a large group of people. I have gained more knowledge about the business world and am set to take these new skills and apply them.” Rui

“The past 5 weeks made me a bit more disciplined and aware. Also I have to be very patient and wait for the opportunity and that there will be no instant gratification.” Usifor

“The Foundation cannot change the world by itself. It is by harnessing the generosity of our customer and partner community that we can make a real difference. We get so much support around BizAcademy – the programme would die without it. NewVoiceMedia have been supporting us for years and today’s session has been valuable, fun and challenging at the same time. Thank-you so much.” Phil (Salesforce Foundation)

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the student’s experience. For more information have a look at Giving Voice – NewVoiceMedia’s corporate giving programme.

Written by Vonage Staff

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