Maximising Agent Availability

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud"

Most call and contact centres will spend considerable effort planning to make sure they have enough agents available at any given time to answer enough incoming calls to meet certain KPIs against which they are mesured by the business they work in. For example X% of calls answered in Y seconds.

The planned number of agents may or may not be right for the actual workload on that day. What do you do if suddenly you don't have enough agents available to take a sudden influx of calls?

We have a number of clients who face exactly this problem. ContactWorld simplifies staff rostering so you can meet changes in demand on a day-by-day basis:

  1. Agents working in different states or areas e.g. paperwork, can be moved to be "Ready" by a supervisor with a simple click if call volumes are increasing. Calls will be sent to agents in the "Ready" state as per your call plan.
  2. You can quickly add new agents to the system to take calls - even if they don't work in the call centre. They may be from Sales or Finance - no problem, just add in the right telephone number and they will start to receive calls as well.
  3. Agents in other locations or at home can login and start taking calls - all they need is a phone. If needed you can log them in yourself.

Increasing availability to handle increased calls is simply a matter of logging your agents into the system, wherever they may be.

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Tim Pickard
Tim Pickard

Tim joined NewVoiceMedia in July 2011 with over 20 years' experience as a leader in the IT industry. He served as VP and board member of RSA Security's international business for seven years where he ran marketing in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Japan. He spent two years as Chief Marketing Officer for SaaS/Cloud-based email management provider Mimecast.

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