Introducing… NewVoiceMedia Community Hub

We’re excited to have launched the NewVoiceMedia Community Hub this Summer, a new online community which will bring our customers together to collaborate, engage and enhance the benefits of our technology. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the NewVoiceMedia Community Hub and what’s inside?

We have introduced a customer community through which we can share product ideas, offer you the chance to make suggestions or vote on product enhancements and ‘chat with an expert’ through a live chat facility that connects you directly with a member of the team.

A discussions area also provides members with an opportunity to post questions, comments or get involved in forum discussions around new and existing product features. And there’s lots more, whether you need advice or guidance from our customer success team or training videos to arm you with knowledge on products and features, from the beginning to the very latest developments.

Why have we launched the Community Hub?

By developing a community hub, we hope to transform the way we engage with customers. We want you to be a central part of how we shape our products, while connecting you with other customers that share a common goal, enabling you to easily interact and collaborate with each other. We also hope it will help you save time and have the option to self-serve.

The portal complements our Trust Site which publicly provides the results of our continuous performance tests in real-time – the status of which is also embedded within the community pages. We were the first vendor to publish live service availability and performance data to customers and prospects and built the Trust Site as a means of having automated agents out in the public network, exercising our solution and reporting performance in real-time. (Read more about the launch of the Trust Site).

We recognise the importance of being open with our customers, and together, the Trust Site and Community Hub is a revolution in transparency and in the way we engage with you. We are now offering real-time access to all the information you need, whether that’s performance data, the latest details around our product roadmap, or the option of live chat for support queries. Giving you easy access to this information means you can forget about managing telephony infrastructure and focus on your business.

We’d like to encourage all our customers to be part of this. You can register your interest in becoming a founding member, here.

Scott Hawkins
Scott Hawkins

Scott is director of customer communities at NewVoiceMedia

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