In a Social World, 68% Still Want Easier Access to Contact Numbers for Your Business.

This week I saw an infographic that reminded me how important voice still is in our contact centres.

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If you attend any contact centre technology expos or seminars you'll have seen the massive increase in multi-channel and social customer service technologies.

With the rise of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and the fear that in the Thank-You Economy a single disgruntled customer could use these channels to cause massive brand degradation, there is a lot of focus on integrating these channels into the contact centre.

However, in this infographic from the Social Media Customer Service Report run by Our Social Times when asked "What companies could do to improve their customer service experience" the top answer with 68% was:

"Make phone contact numbers easier to find."

For all of us in the technology space it's an important reminder that we need to focus on our customer's problems and not solely on the solutions we want to build.

For many of our customers with small to medium sized helpdesks, service desks or call centres the real opportunity to improve their customer's experience is with voice.

As technology evolves at a rapid pace it's important not to forget that we should provide a simple, efficient and personalised experience for the vast majority of their customers that want to contact us over the phone.

Is voice still the preferred choice for your customers? Do you feel your customers want to improve the way they contact you on the phone? We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Written by Vonage Staff

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