A Day in the Life of a Cloud COO

As the Chief Operating Officer at NewVoiceMedia I have one of the most broad ranging roles in the business.

Ultimately my main focus is around our platform, ensuring that we continue to build a highly scalable and performant platform that will enable us to support our global customer base as we grow.

It is my responsibility to ensure that we deliver the single most reliable, available and secure cloud contact centre platform in the market. Our customers are high profile enterprises and their contact centres are a mission critical part of their business. We have to go above and beyond to demonstrate that we can deliver a platform that is more secure, more resilient and more available than that they could build themselves.

As a result I will regularly find myself supporting our Sales teams with our larger opportunities. On the face of it one cloud company can look the same as another, and a hosted solution can look the same as a cloud solution. I'm proud to be able to explain to customers that platform that we've built is so much more than hosting someone else's boxes.

Last year we launched our Trust Site (www.newvoicemedia.com/trust) which shows real-time data on all aspects of our platform. We carry out end-to-end customer experience tests 24/7, and these tests are run every few seconds. Since its inception we’ve run over 3 million such tests – and we publish the results in real-time so our customers can see the performance and availability of our service.

The last 12 months have also seen me supporting our accreditation process. As well as being the only cloud contact centre provider with PCI accreditation to the highest standard, DSS Level 1, we are also compliant with ISO27001. The scope of this certification is the whole business, not just (as some suppliers will do) a small part of the business.

Internally I spend a lot of time with our management team working with them on our global expansion and ensuring that we have the right teams in place to cover each market - whether that is local datacentres, or professional services teams to implement solutions for customers.

One area that I spend an increasing amount of time on is our integration with Salesforce. We believe integrating telephony and Salesforce is a huge opportunity for customers - not just in the contact centre, but in sales teams, in outbound telemarketing teams and every area of this business.

As we are opening up new ways of using our technology I spend time with our R&D teams and our Professional Services teams to investigate new ways of routing and prioritising calls based on Salesforce data - whether that is the number of Twitter followers a caller has, or whether they gave a poor CSAT score when they last called. Demonstrating this solution to prospects and clients alike is all part of a busy life in a fast moving business that is changing the way contact centres work – and revolutionising the experience for the caller and agent.

I'm really excited about the journey we're on and if I or my team can be of any assistance then just get in touch.

Have you got any questions for me? What would you like to know about my role or our platform? Please ask in the comments section below.

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Paul Turner
Paul Turner

Paul is VP Benelux and Nordics at NewVoiceMedia.

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