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Global Voice Assurance routes calls through the most efficient path by leveraging the local telephony infrastructure — regardless of where the caller and agent reside — to deliver exceptionally clear voice quality. Intelligent overflow routes calls automatically between regions to reduce wait time and boost the customer experience.
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Call agents in different locations, chatting with customers

Boost customer satisfaction

Reduce waiting times with global call plans as they deliver calls to the next available agent, regardless of location

Reduce telephony costs

Keep your voice traffic local to the agent not only provides the best possible call quality but also minimises your call charges

Scale as needed

Grow your business on a platform that’s available and supported wherever you are

Eliminate downtime

With multiple carrier partners globally, instantly switch between providers to keep you up and running
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A simple way to operate a complex environment

Use a single global call plan to distribute your calls globally. This immediately consolidates your administration and reporting, saving time and delivering insight into how your operation is performing. All this while maintaining the crystal-clear quality that you need to provide the experience your customers expect.
  • Gain operational insights through consolidated administration and reporting
  • Connect any customer with any agent, regardless of location, reduces wait times, makes sure you hit SLA and, most importantly, boosts customer satisfaction.
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Consistent call quality

Manage regional peaks in traffic

Overflow calls to quieter service centers, no matter where they are - connecting customers with agents, regardless of location
  • Connect any customer with any agent, regardless of location, reducing wait times and making sure you hit SLA and most importantly, boost customer satisfaction.
  • Eliminate issues of high latency and low quality associated with region-specific call plans that require routing calls back and forth between home and local locations
  • Avoid single points of failure from relying on a single telephony carrier to deliver all your calls
  • Vonage has established relationships with multiple Tier One carriers, in all regions, so we have the flexibility to switch providers at a moment’s notice

Global Voice Assurance Features

Move calls between regions seamlessly with Global Call Plans so you can balance peaks and troughs in demand
Grow your business on a platform that scales and supports you along the way
Keep voice traffic local to reduce call charges
Tap into local infrastructure to maintain call quality
Unified reporting, management and overview of agent availability and call distribution
Always use a local node for local calls even if agents and customers are on different continents
Vonage global voice assurance
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