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How to end your service

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If you want to terminate your Vonage Service in full, or in part, you can do so either by phoning our support team on 1300 10 81 84 or by completing the Terms of Service. For more information please see section 6 of our Vonage Business Cloud Terms of Service.

You can choose to terminate your service by providing a minimum of 30 days notice. Early termination charges, including any other outstanding account fees, may be charged if you terminate before your contract Minimum Term has expired.

If you wish to port your number away from Vonage, your Vonage Service must remain active until the number port is completed. You will lose your number if you terminate your Vonage Service before the port is completed.

Please note that you will not be able to Port your number(s) away until all debts are paid in full to Vonage, including any remaining handset repayments owing.

Version Date: 4th February 2019