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Financial Hardship Policy

Financial Hardship occurs where a customer is unable to meet their financial commitments due to one or more factors contributing to their financial position, such as:

  • individual or family member's loss of employment;
  • individual or family member's Illness;
  • family breakdown;
  • death in the family;
  • domestic or family violence; or
  • other unforeseen changes in the individual's capacity to meet their payment obligations, whether through a reduction in income or increase in non-discretionary expenses.

If you are having problems paying your bill, or you wish to discuss options available to you to minimise your bill, please call Customer Service today at 1300 10 81 84, at the following times:

Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00

Making us aware of your concerns gives us the opportunity to help you manage your bills.

If you require more time to pay your bill, agreeing to a payment plan and adhering to it can help prevent disconnection or disruption to your service. Disconnection of your service is used only as a last resort, and we will do our best to work with you to ensure this does not happen.

Dependent on your individual circumstance, we may request supporting evidence, including, but not limited to:

  • documentation, including a statutory declaration from a person familiar with your circumstances (family doctor, clergy, bank officer, etc.); or
  • evidence that you have consulted with (or will consult with) a recognised financial counsellor.

Minimising your Debt

There are options available for minimising your debts and staying connected whilst managing your spending. Examples include:

  • Plan change
  • Cancel any additional subscriptions or premium services (e.g. World Option, Call Monitoring etc.)
  • You can sign in to your online account via our website, which offers Account Management across all services such as checking your usage

Further Options

There is also a range of other financial support services available such as free financial counselling services offered in each state and territory in Australia. For more information on these and other options available please see the ACMA's website.