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Founded in 2012, Callsign’s mission is to seamlessly power the identification of every web, mobile and physical interaction. To do this we hire the brightest, most inquisitive minds who want to change the rules of identity and make this mission a reality. Callsign products use deep learning techniques to combine event, threat, and behavioural analytics with multi-factor authentication, securing access to services whilst uniquely ensuring the most frictionless and transparent user experience. We provide risk intelligence in real-time, enabling organisations to intelligently adjust authentication journeys, also in real-time. By pinpointing suspicious access attempts, we can step up and step down the authentication requirement, catching fraudulent activity more effectively while simultaneously removing friction for legitimate users.


Apart from looking to keep people safe from bad guys, we are also looking to make their digital lives better with ubiquitous technology that works for all, regardless of circumstance.


Callsign and Vonage working in partnership to provide phone, SMS, and WhatsApp authentication & communication to our customers. This is solidified by a solid working relationship and collaboration on product development & sales.

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