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Billennium is a global IT company founded in 2003. Our ambition is to change the way people work and live. We create innovative IT solutions that not only help businesses grow but also support the idea of a paperless environment. We have our own Centres of Excellence where we hire the best IT specialists, who offer the best services for our clients in a follow-the-sun model (24/7/365).


We have 6 offices in Poland, with HQ in Warsaw. We also have offices in Pune (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and New York (USA), and we are working on opening new locations worldwide.


We offer a variety of solutions for business e.g. Inperly—multichannel communication platform between the company and the customer; Paperless Office—a platform designed to allow seamless facilitation of business processes and paper flow within the company and Paperless Retail—a comprehensive system to manage distributed retail network and simplify daily operations on every level of the chain.

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Beyond extending traditional communication channels of companies e.g. banks, our solution allows companies to provide professional customer service remotely. Using Inperly with several Vonage’s API’s customers may visit a digital branch of the company. 


To make your team’s lives easier we implement Vonage’s APIs in your CRM platform. The integration for Salesforce is basically a one-click job; any further development is a small custom improvement.


Use Cases


One-click integration — smooth and easy


The integration of Messages API with Salesforce is as easy as it gets. Because we strive to simplify communication with your clients, we don’t want to make any other aspect of your work more difficult. That’s why, if you want to integrate Messages API with Salesforce, you should follow these steps:


  1. Click on this GitHub link and choose Deploy to Salesforce button.
  2. Get your custom requirements and let us do the job.


We believe that technology is supposed to facilitate our daily tasks; that’s why we not only make it as easy as possible to integrate components with CRM, but we do it to make your communication with clients smooth and effective. Integration of our API with Salesforce saves time and resources by delegating the complexity of multichannel messaging to a single API that takes care of the integration and message delivery.


So, if you want to make your communication with clients or prospects easier, use Vonage Messages API for Salesforce powered by Billennium — it can’t possibly get any simpler.