Which New Tests Have Been Added to Our Trust Site?

In 2011 we were really excited to launch our Trust Site – the first of it’s kind in the cloud contact centre market. We recognise that our customers have real concerns about moving mission critical telephony and call routing out from their buildings and into a true cloud solution like NewVoiceMedia.

The Trust Site was designed and built to show real-time performance statistics across our platform and give our customers the same level of confidence they would get from the green light on the front of an on-premise box.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of three new telephony tests to the Trust Site to complement the web server tests that already exist today.

New telephony tests have been added

Until now our tests have simulated activity in our web platform – such as users logging in, changing their call state and running statistics.

Our three new tests take this one step further and actually place real telephone calls into our platform and observe the results.

To start with, all tests use multiple carriers to ensure we’re not seeing reduced performance on any one of our providers.

The first test then places a call in a queue, confirms a simulated agent is in the “Ready” state and connects the call. The test then observes the agent’s state changes to “Busy In”, and then when the call is hung up, that the agent moves to “Wrap Up”, and then back to “Ready” and available for the next call.

The second test adds a bit more complexity and asks the simulated caller to make a choice from a menu (such as for Sales press 1, for Support press 2) before placing the call through to a queue as in the first test. Here we are ensuring the call quality is sufficient for the platform to be able to recognise the DTMF tones and route the call appropriately.

In the third test we go even further and simulate routing a call using CRM data and the callers CLI (the number they are calling from). One of our key values for clients is being able to personalise the treatment of a caller based on the number they are ringing from and this test ensures we’re performing as expected. Here we are testing that we can recognise the caller’s number, interrogate the CRM database to find it, and then route the call appropriately based on the defined call plan.

All these tests are automated, and that means we can run them at a very high frequency. Prior to the public launch of the new tests we have already run 0.5 million tests and they currently run at a rate of 1.4 million telephony tests per annum (in addition to the 3.4 million web tests per annum).

In combination this results in us testing our platform every 7 seconds – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So What?

As you might have seen in our previous post 5 things we measure in our NOC so that you don’t have to we are dedicated to running the most secure and stable platform available. We’ve invested a huge amount of time and money in not only building out the platform, but in ensuring we are monitoring it at a very high level.

By giving our customers and partners real-time access to this information it gives you the freedom to forget about managing a telephony infrastructure and to focus on areas of your business that add value and differentiate you from your competition.

Imagine taking 10 hours a month of infrastructure support and converting that into call plan optimisation – it can really change your caller’s experience.

What do you think of the new tests? Are there other tests you would like to see added to the Trust Site?

For more information just visit the NewVoiceMedia Trust Site.

Charlie Cowan
Charlie Cowan

Charlie is passionate about cloud computing and how it can help real businesses to run more profitably.

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