Google and Microsoft Share Confidence in Cloud Security

Report from RSA Conference Reveals Practical Insights from Industry Leaders.

It was hard to overlook this week’s article from CNET NewsGoogle, Microsoft agree: Cloud is safe enough to use – covering the high-profile panel discussion on cloud security at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Perhaps any time Google and Microsoft agree in public, it’s newsworthy. But while their agreement on the positive state of cloud security may not seem surprising, it accurately reflects why the world’s top businesses have confidently moved their critical business systems to the cloud. The cloud has indeed evolved over the years, which this public expression of confidence by two internet icons confirms.

As a cloud-based business phone system provider, the issues of cloud security and reliability are fundamental to the services we deliver here at Vonage Business. To have confidence in our cloud-based solution, our customers trust us as their partner to provide the solid systems and protocols that result in superior cloud security.

From the CNET News article, we agree with the comments of security expert Bruce Schneier:

Schneier said that the way to make the cloud more secure depends entirely on the ability of companies to build strong bonds of trust.

"Fundamentally, 'cloud' means to me your data on somebody else's hard drive. Do I trust that other legal entity with my data on their hard drive?" Schneier said. “In some ways, this is no different than the levels of trust that we have had to have through the years….”

For more insights, link to the full CNET News article.

The takeaway from the RSA Conference that “it’s time to stop fearing cloud security and embrace the future” should certainly be welcome news to businesses of all sizes. Cloud-based business systems – including cloud-VoIP business phone systems – represent the modern arsenal of tools that will keep SMBs competitive, strong and growing. Here’s to the future, here’s to the cloud.


Dave Morris
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