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We are pleased to announce our Salesforce Plugin is available in Beta Testing. If you use as your CRM and are interested in helping us test then keep reading …

The Plugin works with our Desktop 2.0 to identify your callers and immediately present the matching company’s contacts, leads and accounts in a screen pop when calls are received. Improve sales, customer service and consulting efforts by enhancing the speed and quality of information available with each call. If you do not have Desktop 2.0 yet, no worries; signing up for Salesforce Plugin Beta will give you access to install the Desktop 2.0 application.

The Salesforce Plugin is compatible with the Service Cloud Professional, Enterprise and
Unlimited Editions.

Join our beta community today to engage and to provide feedback on our software, services and offerings. Beta testing gets you exclusive insight and access to upcoming products and services.

Written by Vonage Staff

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